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A View from the Bridge - May 2014

The current global economic picture is a real mixed bag with a different picture everywhere you look

PegasusCapital - 31/05/2014

A Riddle Wrapped up in an Enigma

Article appearing in November issue of Treasurer Magazine

PegasusCapital - 01/11/2013

A View From The Bridge - May 2020 (2)

The risks of a deflationary outcome remain very elevated. Our understanding of likely household responses is becoming more informed, particularly with regard to genuine uncertainty, precautionary savings balances being built (where possible) and the likely consolidation of credit related debt. Turning the tide on the risk of viral infection and saving lives is the driving policy of government, but by definition this just pushes another rising tide of shrinking demand onto the economy.

PegasusCapital - 07/05/2020