Pegasus Capital

A View from the Bridge - April 2015

Guessing when interest rates might rise is as difficult as predicting which political parties will form the next UK government

PegasusCapital - 30/04/2015

A View from the Bridge - September 2013

This month it was the turn of the US to produce the “Shock of the Month”

PegasusCapital - 01/10/2013

A View from the Bridge - August 2012

All eyes were on the Hole at the end of the month; not the European hole that is being dug deeper and deeper, nor the sort that is the other great USA v Europe head to head, the Ryder Cup but Jackson Hole where Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke was pointing the way ahead

PegasusCapital - 01/09/2012

A View from the Bridge - January 2021

The successful start to the UK's vaccination programme is great news but the economic outlook remains highly uncertain so is it time for the Bank of England to take interest rates into negative territory?

PegasusCapital - 28/01/2021